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Why School Choice is Gaining Traction

with Patrick Wolf

Patrick Wolf joins Tim to shed light on why school choice is exploding across the country. The list of states passing or pursuing legislation for more school choice is on the rise weekly. Patrick has long been at the forefront on the issue of school choice.

He talks about the impact on the pandemic, which he says revealed a lot to parents about their kids’ public school education. He is a Distinguished Professor of Education Policy. He is the 21st Century Endowed Chair, in School Choice in the Department of Education Reform, at the University of Arkansas, College of Education and Health Professions. Before this, he taught at Columbia and at Georgetown University, and has been a Visiting Scholar at the Brookings Institution.

As principal investigator of the School Choice Demonstration Project, Patrick has led evaluations of school voucher programs in Washington, DC; Milwaukee, WI; and the state of Louisiana. He has conducted research and written several books on the topic.

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