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Why Isn't ESG Living Up to the Hype?

with Sanjai Bhagat

Author and university professor Sanjai Bhagat joins Tim to talk about his research findings on ESG investing and what he calls “an inconvenient truth” about it. According to Sanjai, ESG investing is simply not living up to the hype, and he knows why. If your retirement finds are invested in ESG funds, or if your financial advisor wants you to invest in ESG funds, you need to listen to Sanjai. Sanjai Bhagat is Provost Professor of Finance at the University of Colorado, and he’s the author of the book, “Financial Crisis, Corporate Governance, and Bank Capital.” But what caught my attention was something he wrote for the Harvard Business Review. In March of 2022, he wrote an article entitled, “An Inconvenient Truth About ESG Investing.”

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Shaping Opinion
Shaping Opinion
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