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How Private Companies Target & Censor You, with JP Messina

It may be the sneakiest form of censorship

Author and university professor JP Messina talks about how private companies and others have emerged as the new censors in society. JP wrote the new book called, “Private Censorship.” In it, he describes a new kind of censorship where there are no government-sanctioned book burnings, no prosecutions, no laws or committees. In fact, the state doesn’t publicly appear to be involved at all. Instead, the censors are social groups, employers, media companies, social media platforms and search engines, many seemingly working in concert, deciding which speech is censored and which is not.

But perhaps more concerning, certain government agencies may have found a way to decide (by proxy) what speech is censored and what private citizens get de-platformed.

When he’s not writing books and for journals, JP is an assistant professor in the Department of Philosophy at Purdue. He teaches courses on political and moral philosophy, ethics, and the history of practical philosophy.

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